Get up to £2500 scrappage fee for your old windows.

Thousands of homeowners across the UK have already upgraded to Category "A" energy efficient windows. Apply Today to see if you qualify.


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Happy customers who have been upgraded to energy efficient windows.

Our old windows leaked water and our house was very cold.After contacting eco funding plan our windows were upgraded and we feel a massive difference.Mrs Bevan - Cardiff


Easy as pie . Filled in the form and got a call to confirm details and a surveyor came out to measure up our new windows.Mrs Walker - Aberdeen


Very happy with our new windows. Our house looks like new and is nice and warm this winter. Mr Hood - Chelmsford


UK Wide funding

Funding is still available across various regions in the UK.

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The funding plan is available for homeowners across the UK.

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Increase the energy performance of your home.

Funding is being taken up fast across the UK

There are various funding levels still available across the regions of the UK. Apply Now to see if you qualify.

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Homes upgraded to energy efficient windows

Energy efficient windows

By upgrading to energy efficient windows you can save up to 21% on energy bills and could improve the energy performance of your property which could increase the properties value.

How long does double glazing last?

The typical lifetime of double glazing is around 20 years, however this can vary from 10-35 years based on quality of materials, installation and where the windows are situated. Over time, the gas within the panes will gradually leak out. When around 25% of the gas has evaporated, the thermal performance of the windows will be reduced and replacing the windows or installing a secondary glazing measure should be considered (see our factsheet ‘Secondary glazing: the low cost alternative to double glazing’).

Listed properties or in a conservation area

If your property is a listed building or in a conservation area there are likely to be restrictions on what you can do to your windows, so it is always advisable to contact your local authority before carrying out any work. If you are not able to replace the windows, there are several non-intrusive alternatives which can improve the energy efficiency and warmth of your home. These include putting up heavy, lined curtains which are closed at dusk, shutters, sealed blinds or secondary glazing - or a combination of these measures

Apply now as funding is being taken up fast across the UK. Secure your application by applying today.